SunGuard™ Weld Spatter Inhibitor Premium Synthetic


SunGuard™Weld Spatter Inhibitor is a ready to use, non-flammable, water-based liquid antispatter coating. The unique blend of bio-based synthetic additives prevent hot spatter from sticking to unwanted metal surfaces during the welding process and allow easy slag removal. The product’s unique chemistry provides excellent surface wetting and film formation. SunGuard™Weld Spatter Inhibitor burns clean and will not compromise the weld bead and contains metal corrosion inhibitors. SunGuard™Weld Spatter Inhibitor is well suited for a wide range of steels, aluminum and high performance alloys.

Specific Gravity, lbs/gal 8.1 (0.97 g/l)
pH 9.5
Appearance Clear to Amber Fluid
Odor Bland