Wayex™ D 68 Dedicated Way Lube


Premium way lube technology for smooth operation, less wear, and longer equipment life of slide tables in precision CNC machine tools. In viscosities from ISO 32 through ISO 220, WAYEX D’s possess the proper frictional properties to eliminate slide chatter, which helps provide best part-making precision. This product also has a non-emulsifiable property which eliminates contribution to biological problems in coolant sumps. Wayex D 32 and 68 are made only from API Group II mineral oils for maximum resistance to thermal and oxidative break down.

WAYEX D’s have tackiness properties to maximize cling to inclined table surfaces. It will not plug fine particle size filters, including Bijur Company filters or similar way oil control systems.

WAYEX D’s are light colored, low odor oils which do not contribute to bad odors in the shop. They do not cause skin irritation or dermatitis problems. They are non-staining and non-misting.

Performance Level

  • Cincinnati Machine P-47
  • General Motors LS-2


Code # 1052 1054 1055 1056
ISO Grade 32 68 150 220
Viscosity, typical, cSt 40C 30.5 65.0 138 203
API Gravity, 60F 30.0 29.8 29.4 29.0
Flash Point, COC, F 405 415 420 420
Pour Point, F 0 0 +10 +16