Draw Span™ 116M BioLube Water Mix Synthetic


A clear, low odor, bio-based, water soluble fluid for metal forming, drawing, and punching on cold rolled steel, galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper alloys. It provides a thin, tough lubricating film for metal forming applications. 116 M can be used as supplied, or further diluted with water, depending on the demands of the job. In higher concentrations, it will handle harder metals, thicker stock, and more difficult geometries. Concentrations between 1:1 and 10:1 are commonly used. It is normally mixed with a proportioning device for best results. The concentrate is a medium-low viscosity fluid that is easily pumped and handled.

116 M is best applied by airless spray nozzles properly directed to the die surfaces between strokes. It may also be used in recirculation or roller baths. It works well in blanking, punching, drawing, progressive die stamping, transfer presses, and other metal forming applications. Residual films left on the parts do not interfere with subsequent welding operations.

Residual films on dies provide rust protection to both dies and finished parts, and are easily cleaned off with water or mild alkaline cleaners. 116 M remains clear in dilute solutions of hot or cold water.

Draw-Span 116 M is made from renewable natural resources and is free from petroleum oil, heavy metals, chlorine, and sulfur. It is readily biodegradable and harmless to waste water treatment systems. It is practically non-toxic to humans, plants, and animal life, including aquatic organisms.


pH, dil 5% 8.5-8.9
Flash Point, TCC, F None
Appearance Clear amber liquid, low odor
Refractive Index 0.6 (10:1 dilution reads 6 on refractometer)