EnviroCut™ G-220 For Copper and Brass


A specialty metal cutting and machining fluid for brass, copper, and bronze. EnviroCut™ G-220 is carefully balanced to provide lubricity and protection to high speed spindles as a machine lubricant.


  • Separates readily from water and alkaline washer systems.
  • Non staining to copper alloys.
  • Excellent lubrication properties extend tool life.

EnviroCct™ G-220 is used neat with no dilution for lubrication of cutting, turning, drilling, and other metal removal operations and screw machine work. It is an environmentally friendly product in that it does not contain chlorine, sulfur, VOC’s or heavy metals. It can be easily recycled and re-used with conventional separation and filtration systems.

Viscosity 25-33 cSt 40C
Flash Point, TCC, F >300F
Viscosity Clear amber liquid