SunKote™ 4007R Evaporative

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An industrial solvent based rust inhibitor for metal surfaces. 4007R supplies a proven rust preventing film which provides indoor protection for up to 12 months. After solvent evaporation, the film is imperceptible, and parts coated with 4007R will seem dry to the touch. 4007R will not stain or discolor steel, aluminum, or copper alloy metals. When necessary, the rust preventing 4007R film is easily removed by normal solvent or aqueous cleaning methods.

4007R is made from odorless solvent and a pleasant smelling inhibitor package. Operators are comfortable working around 4007R even in indoor, air conditioned shops where ventilation is minimal.

4007R is commonly used for treating machined metal parts prior to shipment or storage. It is also useful as a penetrating lubricant for frozen bolts, hinges, or other rusted metal parts.


Code # 4007R
API Gravity, 60F 45
Flash Point, COC, F 130
Pour Point, F +16
Humidity Cabinet  
ASTM D 1748 Hr. To Fail: 1000+ (Meets requirements of MIL-C-16173 E Type 3)
Avg. Film Thickness 1?