RayCutâ„¢ 4252 NS Heavy Duty Ferrous


A specialty high-performance fluid specially made for deep drilling operations on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper alloys. It provides excellent lubrication properties for deep hole drilling without the use of active or inactive sulfur compounds.


  • Very high wetting and penetration property
  • Excellent EP lubrication with no sulfur
  • High flash point
  • Excellent rust protection

RAYCUT 4252 is used neat with no dilution for lubrication of deep drilling operations on all types of metals. Heavy duty chemistry provides an outstanding EP lubricant film between the tool and workpiece. Very low viscosity and high wetting property carries the product quickly to where it is needed for cooling and lubrication. This product is made from specially processed base stocks having no color or odor. It contains EP agents, corrosion inhibitors, and antioxidants to give it the ability to perform well for extended time periods.


Viscosity 10-13 cSt 40C
Flash Point, TCC, F >200F
Appearance Clear Fluid