RayLite™ ZX Zinc-Free Fluids


RayLite ZX is a zinc-free, environmentally advantageous anti-wear hydraulic fluid made from inherently biodegradable (>20%) base stocks. It is made from hydrocracked API Group II base stocks having excellent oxidation resistance and lubrication properties for hydraulic pumps. Ashless zinc-free technology helps protect environmentally sensitive applications where watercourse or aquifers need to be protected, or where legislation requires the use of ashless hydraulic oils. RayLite ZX fluids meet or exceed the following specification performance:

Denison: HF-0, HF-1, HF-2 Cincinnati Machine P-68, P-69, P-70 Eaton 35VQ25
DIN 51524 Part II Bosch Rexroth RE 90220-1 GM LS-2
ISO 11158, ISO 20763 ASTM D6158 SAE MS 1004
Conestoga Pump Test    


  • No compatibility issues. RayLite ZX is compatible with both zinc-based and other ashless hydraulic fluids, resulting in no miscibility problems in application
  • Great wear protection- for long equipment life and reduced maintenance expenses
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability- for protection of yellow metal components
  • Excellent oxidation stability- to extend oil drain intervals and achieve improved efficiency
  • Good sludge and particulate control- improved filterability and protection of servo valves

Typical Physical & Chemical Properties

ISO Grade 32 46 68
Viscosity, cSt 40C 30.0 42.5 63.5
Viscosity Index, min 100 105 105
Specific Gravity, 60F (typ) .84 .845 .85
Flash Point, COC, F min 405 415 420
Pour Point, F, max -15 -20 -15
All Grades: (typ)      
Phosphorous, wt % 0.5
Sulfur, wt % 2.3
Nitrogen, wt% 2.5