SunBrite™ Metal Cleaner SF Alkaline Cleaners


SUNBRITE™ METAL CLEANER SF is a specialty low-foaming alkaline aqueous cleaner concentrate. It is excellent for use in cleaning manufactured steel parts with spray/immersion washers, and is especially made to excel where heavy drawing oil residues are part of the soil loading.

Metal Cleaner SF is free of silicates.

SunBrite METAL CLEANER SF should be used at concentrations of from 2% to 10% in water, and should be heated to a minimum of 120 degrees F, to provide non-foaming cleaning action.

SunBrite METAL CLEANER SFremoves carbonaceous soils, metal lubricants, coolants, and rust inhibitor residues from machined steel parts. Oil is rejected from the washer fluid, and should be efficiently skimmed off with a weir or similar method, to remove the oil from thewasher system.

Specific Gravity - 1.05

Flash Point, PMCC, F - NONE


Concentrate - 12.4

1% - 11.2

5% - 11.5