Who We Are

Sunbelt Lubricants, Inc. is a customer-focused specialty lubricants chemical manufacturer with over 30 years experience in formulating extra-performance lubricants, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors and value-added specialty chemicals.

Sunbelt uses only the finest quality components available to produce products which provide an extra layer of forgiveness for highly valuable machinery and equipment operating under severe conditions. Through careful and attentive study of our customers’ needs, Sunbelt formulates the best technologies available to meet and exceed those needs.

Whether in advanced lubrication properties, integration of lubrication and cleaning processes, advanced environmental profiles, lack of toxicity or other critical issues, Sunbelt can help achieve the desired performance in the most cost effective and efficient technical manner. Sunbelt puts a heavy emphasis on interpersonal relationships to fully understand our customers, their technical requirements and provide the best possible service level and responsiveness.

Sunbelt maintains a highly active technical research and development operation. Areas of expertise include chemistry, lubrication engineering, corrosion engineering, industrial microbiology and toxicology, materials testing, air and water filtration, process simulation, and testing. We strive to produce and achieve the desired result for our clients.

Above all else, Sunbelt values the people we interact with, whether our vendors, customers, agents or employees. We are interested in what your needs are, how we can serve you and what we can do to make your interaction with us a beneficial experience for you.