ProStamp™ 4414 Solvent Borne Evaporative


A low-viscosity, high flash point, heavy duty stamping and blanking fluid for metal forming applications. 103-P leaves a thin liquid residue on parts and tools. This residual film acts as a prelube for subsequent drawing stages and provides protection from rust, corrosion, and discoloration of the blanks. 103-P provides excellent cooling properties to the high speed tooling. 103-P has been used successfully in the manufacture of automotive body trim of aluminum and stainless steel. It is an excellent lubricant which provides forgiveness to tooling for difficult jobs and metals. It contains corrosion protection and metal passivators to protect parts and tools from corrosion.

103-P is light color, low odor, mobile liquid that wets and penetrates metal surfaces to provide a thin, tough lubricating film.


  • High performance lubricating fluid for extended tool life
  • Excellent protection to tool steel and carbide tools
  • Low odor, light color
  • High flash point (>142F)


Viscosity, cSt 40C 12-14
Flash Point, PMCC, >142 F