ProDraw™ XD-58 Straight Oil


An extremely heavy duty drawing compound for difficult metal drawing and forming operations. This product is useful for drawing, stamping, and punching on a variety of metals. It performs well on the most severe draws on the hardest jobs. It can be used successfully on stainless steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum, and nickel alloys. Residues left on the machines are soft films which are easily wiped off with a cloth.

ProDraw XD-58 is a viscous oil which should be applied carefully with rollers, wipers, or atomizers to avoid excessive carry off. It contains active extreme pressure additives to protect deep drawing tools and allow proper forming of the parts. It is safe to use on carbide tools and tool steels.

ProDraw XD-58 may discolor copper or copper alloys and should be tested carefully on those metals prior to implementation.


Viscosity 500 cSt 40C
Flash Point, PMCC, F >450