ProDraw™ CHO 40 Straight Oil

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CHO 40 is a medium viscosity, extreme pressure lubricity agent for protection of tools used in metal forming operations. It contains natural fats combined with synthetic ester and antiwear additives to provide outstanding lubrication under high pressures. CHO 40 protects tools working high yield stress materials such as stainless steel. It can be used in moderately heavy blanking, forming, upsetting, and cold heading applications on stainless and cold rolled steels, brass, copper, and aluminum. It has good wetting tendencies on hot metal surfaces and provides mild short?term rust and corrosion protection to metals. CHO 40 eliminates die pickup from the workpiece and reduces friction and shear force.

This product is normally used as supplied; in some cases it may be cut back or blended with other oils to improve their performance. Residues left on finished parts can be cleaned with solvent or aqueous cleaning methods.

Viscosity     284 cSt 40C
Flash Point, PMCC, F    >400
Viscosity Index     122
Appearance       Dark Liquid
Odor         Very low