ProDraw™ C-53F Straight Oil


A metal forming lubricant made for exceptional lubrication performance on copper.

The lubricating properties of C-53 allow for lower draw forces on copper and resulting improvement in metal flow. C-53 has excellent lubrication properties on steel, reducing wear rates on dies and tooling.

C-53 leaves thin, liquid residual films which do not become sticky or tacky with time. Metal deactivators prevent the formation of copper salts and protect from formation of deposits and copper corrosion.

Parts can be cleaned easily with solvent or aqueous cleaning methods.

PRODRAW C-53 does not contain any chlorine, sulfurized additives, nitrates, heavy metals, or materials listed by any State as possible carcinogens.


Viscosity 21 cSt 40C
Flash Point, PMCC, F >380