RayCutâ„¢ S 4246 Active Sulfur

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RayCut S 4246 is an active, heavy duty metalworking oil for use in precision metal removal applications. It is best suited for use on carbon steels, stainless, and aluminum alloys. 4246 is an extremely heavy duty product and performs very well where the removal rates are high and the jobs and metals are difficult. Broaching, threading, tapping, drilling, and milling are all successfully done with RayCut S 4246. In threading applications it will provide the best possible surface finish for leak-free connections on pipes and fittings. 4246 eliminates built up edge and extends tool life in the most severe, high output production conditions.

4246 is a transparent oil which allows easy visual references to the tooling. It has a mild fatty odor and is inhibited against mist formation. Due to its high chemical activity, 4246 is not recommended for use in spindles or bearing lubrication. It may cause discoloration of copper and copper alloys at elevated temperatures.

Residues are typical oily films that can be removed with standard cleaning methods using solvents or aqueous washers.


Viscosity, cSt 40C 35-42
Flash Point, TCC, F >420F
Appearance Light Amber
Specific Gravity 0.87