RayCutâ„¢ S 4244 Non-Chlorinated

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A set of dark, active sulfur cutting oils for heavy duty metalworking uses. The viscosities range from 24 to 62 cSt at 40C to cover a variety of potential uses. It is particularly good for threading of steel and stainless steel pipe in automated threading machines. It can also be used for screw machines and other heavy duty metal cutting and removal operations. Like any active sulfur oil, it will stain copper or copper based alloys, and is generally not used on them.

It contains an anti-mist agent and has a typical sulfurized oil odor. This series is chlorine-free, to simplify disposal issues.


- Extremely high film strength to protect tools on tough ferrous jobs.

- High lubrication extends tool life.

- Excellent surface finish on machined parts.


Product 4240 4243 4244 4245

Viscosity cSt 40C 24 42 35 62

Flash Point, TCC, F ---------->325-----------

Appearance ------------Dark Black-------------