RayCutâ„¢ 4233 Chlorinated


A transparent chlorinated cutting oil for light to moderately difficult machining on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper alloys. This oil is a workhorse product for jobs on screw machines, drilling, turning, milling, sawing, and boring. 4233 is a dual purpose oil for machine lubrication and cutting. It will not cause fine filter plugging or staining of any type of metal.

RAYCUT 4233 is an economical product and is appreciated by machinists for its lack of odor and non-irritating properties. It contains an anti-misting agent.

RAYCUT 4233 can also be used in light to moderate metal stamping and drawing applications.


- Excellent non-sulfurized EP performance extends tool life

- Excellent surface finish

- Non-Staining

- Wide application range


Viscosity 32 cSt 40C

Flash Point, TCC, F >325F

Appearance Clear amber liquid