RayCutâ„¢ 4225 LMP Cutting Oil Non-Chlorinated

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RayCut LMP is a light bodied, transparent, chlorine-free cutting oil. This oil is a great product for light to medium duty jobs on screw machines, drilling, turning, milling, sawing, and boring. It can also be used for light forming and stamping of aluminum and other alloys. It is an exceptional lubricant on aluminum, magnesium, copper alloys, and plastics such as PE, PP, CPVC, PVC, and PEEK. It is non staining to all metals. RAYCUT LMP is an economical product and is appreciated by machinists for its lack of color, low odor and non-irritating properties.

RayCut LMP is free of chlorine, sulfur, heavy metals, and animal or vegetable fats. It is made from components specially selected for their inert nature with respect to plastics. The light viscosity provides excellent cooling, and the synthetic polymer provides extra boundary lubrication to protect tools. It leaves a minimal residue on machined parts, which can easily be cleaned off with standard alkaline cleaners.

RayCut LMP has a relatively lower flash point than many straight oil cutting fluids, and while it is not classified as flammable, care should be taken to prevent this fluid from overheating beyond 180 degrees F.


Viscosity 10 cSt 40C
Flash Point, TCC, F >230F
Appearance Clear, low color liquid