SunKoteā„¢ 4024 Evaporative


An evaporative solvent cutback rust inhibitor for indoor storage protection of machined metal parts. Flash point of the solvent is above 141F.

4024 is designed to displace moisture from metal surfaces and to reject emulsification with typical alkaline coolants used in machining. 4024 is free of barium, chlorine, and heavy metals.

Films deposited after evaporation of the solvent are almost imperceptible, oily to the touch, and very tenacious. Parts are not sticky and will not be stained. This product also provides vapor-phase inhibition to closed systems.

4024 will produce an average film thickness of 0.03 mils (0.76 micron) and will provide at least 900 hours of protection in a humidity cabinet test on polished steel panels.


Code # 4024
API Gravity, 60F 45
Flash Point, COC, F 143
Pour Point, F +16