SunBrite™ Metal Cleaner SF Water Mix, Alkaline

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SUNBRITE™ Metal Cleaner SF is a sodium-free, low foaming, highly alkaline cleaner concentrate for use in immersion agitation and spray washer applications. It is an industrial strength cleaner for use on machined steel parts. It effectively removes most commonly encountered light industrial oil, metalworking oil, and rust preventive residues, and small particulate soils. It will self-split the oils to the surface for removal by skimming or weir.

This product should be used at concentrations to be determined best by the user, but should be in the range of from 2% to 10%v/v. Washer solution temperature of 150F is commonly used to speed up soil removal and oil rejection.

SunBrite Metal Parts Cleaner SF (code 5149) is recommended for use on copper, brass, and steel parts. Do not use on aluminum.

This product provides short term rust protection when left on the parts, and contains copper corrosion inhibitor.

Specific Gravity     1.06 (NEAT)
Flash Point, PMCC, F       NONE
pH: Concentrate     12
5% v/v       11.5