RaySolâ„¢ 4260 P Emulsion Coolants


RaySol 4260-P is a general purpose emulsion-type metalworking coolant concentrate. 4260-P added to water mixes to form a milk-white emulsion with low odor, low foaming tendency, and good bioresistance. RaySol is made from components selected for natural resistance to bacterial attack, and is further inhibited with biocide/fungicide.

RaySol 4260-P is used for light to medium severity machining on all metals except magnesium. It is also good in light stamping and roll forming operations. Starting point dilution for metal removal is 20:1 (5%); for forming 10:1 (10%); and for grinding 40:1 (2%).

RaySol 4260-P can be maintained in the sump with proper housekeeping and maintenance procedures including concentration checks, tramp oil removal, and filtration to remove metal fines. It provides excellent rust and corrosion protection and lubricating properties and is safe to use on carbide tooling.


- Good Bio Resistance.

- Rejects Tramp Oil.

- Thin Liquid Residues.

- Good Rust Protection.

- Protects Yellow Metals.

- Sulfur-Free Blend Eliminates Odors.

pH, dil 5% 8.8-9.2

Flash Point, TCC, F >212 (Concentrate, no flash when diluted.)