HoneRay™ 4030 Transparent, 12 cSt


Premium quality metal lubricants for industrial honing applications on blades, cylinders, and similar operations. HONERAYS are low viscosity oils that provide wetting, lubrication, floatation of fines, and cooling. They are both used neat with no dilution.

HONERAY 4030 is a dark, active EP type best suited for ferrous metals. It will stain copper and copper alloys.

HONERAY 4040 is a light colored, non-active, non-staining type for use on any alloy with no staining.


  • Cleanliness of media
  • Excellent lubrication and wetting
  • Non-irritating components
  • High flash point
  • No voc content
  • Excellent rust protection


Product 4030 4040
Viscosity cSt 40C 12 12
Flash Point, TCC, F >280F >280F
Pour Point, F 10 10