SunArc™ 5P8 Sinker EDM Fluid


EDM Fluid 300 is a low viscosity hydrocarbon-based dielectric fluid for electrical discharge machining of metals. It is made from a specially refined base with low viscosity, high flash point, and low volatility. High-performance oxidation inhibitors help resist fluid breakdown to extend the useful life of the fluid. EDM Fluid 300 dissipates heat rapidly and is readily filterable. It is non-corrosive to all metals and provides rust protection to steel surfaces. Fines settle rapidly from this fluid.

Typical dielectric breakdown voltage on this fluid is 40KV.


Viscosity, CST @ 40C D445 2.71
Gravity, API, 60F D4052 41.5
Specific Gravity, 60/60F D4052 .8179
Flash, PMCC, F D93 241
Color (Saybolt) D156 +30
Aniline Point, F D611 181.1
Kauri-Butanol Value D1133 26.5
Aromatic Content, wt.% D5186 <1.0
Sulfur ppm, D4045 D4045 <1
Water,ppm,Coulometric Karl Fisher D6304 33
Distillation, °F, IBP D86 486