RayCutâ„¢ Broach Oil 20 Heavy Duty Chlorinated


RayCut Broach Oil 20 is a heavy duty metalworking oil for use in more difficult, precision metal removal applications, especially broaching and gear hobbing. It contains a high level of extreme pressure additives which form a protective film on the tools at elevated temperature. The combination of extreme pressure agents is selected to give balanced film formation across the range of pressures and temperatures encountered in broaching. Therefore, surface finish is enhanced and tool wear is minimized. It is a transparent oil which allows easy visual references to the tooling. It has a mild fatty odor and is inhibited against mist formation. Due to its high chemical activity, it is not recommended for use in spindles or bearing lubrication. It can be used as a booster to increase the EP level in any other oil it is added to. It does not cause discoloration of copper and copper alloys at elevated temperatures.

Residues are typical oily films that can be removed with standard cleaning methods using solvents or aqueous washers.

Viscosity cSt 40C 25?35

Flash Point, TCC, F >420

Appearance Light Amber

Specific Gravity 0.87