CutSpan™ X-2 Cutting Saw Lube


CutSpan X-2 is a biodegradable, non-petroleum lubricant for metal working operations on aluminum and stainless steel. It forms thin, tough films with excellent wetting and lubrication properties. This helps extend blade and tool life with less sharpening per unit of product. It works very well in high performance, high output saws used to cut aluminum to size for further processing, such as billet, ingot, extrusion, or cut shapes. It works well in all metal removal operations including sawing, cutting, and drilling. It is also very effective in metal forming operations such as stamping and drawing.

CutSpan X-2 is manufactured from natural fatty materials derived from renewable vegetable sources. It is readily biodegradable and nearly colorless and odorless. It is a natural emollient to the skin and does not cause irritation. It contains no heavy metals or hazardous ingredients or substances which are harmful to workers or to the environment. It does not evaporate or have any VOC content.

CutSpan X-2 is intended to be used neat with no dilution with water or other oils or solvents. It leaves residual films that do not get tacky or sticky, and discourages metal fines from sticking or agglomerating together. This allows for easy cleanup of machines and helps prolong tool life in whatever application it is used.

CutSpan X-2 freezes at about 35 degrees F. Drums and containers should be protected from exposure to 35F or less if possible. If the product does freeze, simply warm the containers back up and it melts back into a clear, free flowing liquid. Freezing does not harm the performance features of the product once it is thawed.


Viscosity 9 cSt 40C

Flash Point, TCC 230 C

Appearance Clear Colorless Liquid