CutSpan™ V-150 Smokeless Saw Lube


CutSpan V-150 is a vegetable oil based, biodegradable, non-petroleum lubricant for metal cutting operations. It is made from vegetable seed oils and is completely biodegradable and renewable "green" technology. It does not evaporate or have any VOC content. This product has a high smoke point and can be useful in reducing smoke in the shop air.

CutSpan V-150 is intended for use in Minimal Quantity Lubricators such as micro lubricators and misting systems. When applied using minimal methods, residual films left on parts do not interfere with most common subsequent finishing operations.

The lubrication performance in this product helps extend blade and/or tool life with reduced sharpening per unit of product. It works well in all metal removal operations including sawing, cutting, and drilling. It is can also be very effective in metal forming operations such as stamping and drawing.

CutSpan V-150 freezes at about 25 degrees F. Drums and containers should be protected from exposure to 25F or less if possible. If the product does freeze, simply warm the containers back up and it melts back into a clear, free flowing liquid. Freezing does not harm the performance features of the product once it is thawed.


Viscosity 35 cSt 40C

Flash Point, COC >500F

Appearance Clear Amber Liquid