CutSpan™ 860 Non Staining Saw Lube


CutSpan 860 provides cost effective performance in a fully synthetic, readily biodegradable (>60%) MQL, optimized for aluminum machining. Having outstanding lubrication performance on high speed carbide tools, it is excellent for operations on aluminum, and can also be used on mild steel and copper alloys. CutSpan 860 readily wets hot metal surfaces, where it forms a thin, tough film to protect tools from wear and give a clean, smooth cut to the metal. It is especially well suited for use in the aluminum casting and extrusion processes, both on ingot/billet as well as finished extruded products.

A major performance advantage of CutSpan 860 is the fact that it burns off completely clean in heat treating ovens, leaving no residue or staining of any kind on the cut metal.

CutSpan 860 has proven to be effective when used at as little as 1/3 the normal application rate of other commercially successful MQLs, which produces a major cost savings potential in reduced lube consumption.

CutSpan 860 generates practically no smoke at all when applied to hot metal, leaving the workshop with clear air and improved worker safety.

CutSpan 860 has a low viscosity and high flash point. It is well suited for use in automatic lubricators and micro-lubricators of all types including mist, drip, pad, rollers, and wiper baths. It contains no solvents, heavy metals, hazardous ingredients, or harmful substances to workers or to the environment.


Viscosity 7 cSt 40C

Flash Point, TCC, F 300 F

Appearance Clear Amber Liquid