BioFormâ„¢ S1 Mold Release Agent


BioForm S1 Release Agent is a blend of soybean derived and biodegradable base stocks with a low level of reactivity. Use of this product can substantially eliminate VOC emissions and discharge of petroleum hydrocarbons into the environment.

This heavy-duty release agent provides a combination barrier/reactive release agent film in a medium-low viscosity fluid. It is designed for clean separation of forms and excellent surface finish on more demanding geometries and applications. BioForm S1 is absolutely non-staining to concrete. Residual films left behind by this product provide a natural rust protection property to steel and resist thickening, gelling, or gumming over an extended period of time.

BioForm S1 is excellent in forming wetter concrete mixes and smaller parts, such as sprinkler head rings.

Application rate is typically in the range of 1000-1200 square feet per gallon depending on the relative difficulty of the specific structure being formed. BioForm S1, due to its higher barrier content, has a slightly higher viscosity than solvent based analogs, and may require adjustment to spray tips or applicators for best coverage by spray.

BioForm S1 solidifies at approximately 30 degrees F and should be applied at temperatures higher than that. If frozen, the product reconstitutes upon thawing and does not require remixing. Simple flange heaters or similar devices can be employed as necessary to keep the product liquid in steel totes or tanks.

In challenge tests, BioForm S1 is readily biodegradable (>60% CO2, OECD TG301B) in 28 days.


API Gravity, 60F 29.0

Flash Point, COC, F >250

Melting Point, F +30

Viscosity, cSt 40C 15-18