SolViteā„¢ RMS 100 Solvent Type


Solvite RMS 100 is a hydrocarbon solvent in the mineral spirits class. It is a workhorse industrial cleaning solvent for a variety of uses. It is commonly used to remove oily residues from machined metal parts, as a paint thinner, as an extender for other oils, as a cooling media, and an evaporative carrier solvent. It is an evaporative solvent which leaves an imperceptible residue after approximately 30 minutes at room temperature. Solvite RMS 100 is good for general cleaning of metal parts or surfaces for removal of higher boiling hydrocarbon and synthetic oils, lubricants, grease, and oily soils.

RMS 100 is made from a 105 (F) flash hydrocarbon solvent in the naptha class. Consult the MSDS for safe handling and use of this product.


Specific Gravity 0.80

Flash Point, PMCC, F 105

Appearance Clear, slightly amber

Odor Hydrocarbon

Aromatics 18% (typical)