SolVite™ 142 Solvent Type


An aliphatic, low-odor solvent with flash point above 141 degrees F. The higher flash point makes this solvent safer to use in recirculating parts washers and general dip-bath cleaning of oily metals. Solvite 142 is highly stable under long storage terms and normal conditions. It can be used in surface cleaning, as a diluent for coatings, and as a carrier for other lubricants or rust inhibitors. It is excellent for dissolving cutting oils, stamping fluids, and other lubricant or greasy residues from metal, wood, or plastic substrates. It can also be used for soaking away heavy, greasy, carbonaceous residues off of engine parts or similar industrial machine rebuilding uses.

This product should not be used in any manner that would create an airborne mist. Airborne mists of hydrocarbons present hazards including explosion (if concentration is within the upper and lower explosive limits in air, and an ignition source is present), fire, and inhalation toxicity (if levels are above established thresholds). If misting occurs, the user is responsible for maintaining adequate ventilation to maintain airborne concentrations below lower explosive limit in air and below worker exposure limits.

Copper Corrosion D-130 1
Specific Gravity     0.74-0.77
Flash Point, C     66
Aromatics, %     0.1% (typical)
KB Value       29
VOC Content     100%