ChainKote™ 100 Premium HVI Oils

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ChainKote 100 (1040 CHAIN OIL) is an industrial lubricant for cutting chains, drive chains, conveyors, and other general machinery where a lubricant with “cling” is desired. It provides wear protection, rust protection, and water separation. It is non-foaming and non-corrosive to all metals. It contains a special tackiness agent to provide extra cling to metal surfaces. It is made from very highly refined base stocks with excellent lubricating and thermal stability properties. It will not break down to form deposits or undesirable residues on high output production equipment.

Typical Properties

Code # 1040
Viscosity 40C 90-110 ( ISO 100 grade)
Viscosity Index 95
Flash Point, COC, F >400
Pour Point, C 10
Specific Gravity 0.90 typical